2021 NOV - 2022 JUNE


Start of the Year Media Arts Design Engineering and Science


NOV 5TH 2021

YIN YU | Soft Tectonics

May 12 – Open Labs/Research Day, hosted at Elings Hall at UCSB
May 27 – EoYS Part 1,  6PM - 9PM hosted in Elings Hall at UCSB
June 2 – EoYS Part 2,  6PM - 9PM hosted at SBCAST in downtown Santa Barbara.


SONG CYCLE will be performed at sundown on June 2, 2022 at SBCAST (starts at 8 PM)

followed by a concert performance by Curtis Roads.

Both performances are supported by the SYSTEMICS PUBLIC EVENTS fund and private donors.

On June 2, the MEDIA ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY is proud to present a guest performance of SONG CYCLE, first premiered on April 9, 2022 at the La Phil. Song Cycle is an immersive performance that describes an emergent world of music, or all the music that could ever happen. The text is randomly generated as a work of process poetry and is set within a texture of mystic drones, the sound of the rain pressed into vinyl, early drum machines, and generous harmonies accompanied by an evolving floral arrangement. Song Cycle is performed by the loose ambient collective superteam and florist Alexandra Rose Franco. The performance is a collaboration between artists Chris Kallmyer and Zoe Aja Moore.




ALEXIS CRAWSHAW | Mediated Worlds 2020–2021: Highlights (co curate w/ Diarmid Flatley), Dance of the Fulcrum 2.0

MERT TOKA | Turbulent Flow


DIARMID FLATLEY | Dwell, Once in a while i don't believe you

YIN YU | Sound-based Morphogenesis Design

MYUNGIN LEE | Entanglement

MENGJIA ZHU | Shape Changing Garments for Dynamic Expressive Fashion

MENGYU CHEN | A Quantum Computing Inspired Procedural Generation Model for Immersive and Interactive Experience

EHSAN SAYYAD | Memory Reconstruction

PHILIP KOBERNIK | SoundPalette Performance w/ Live Visuals

STEJARA DINULESCU | Motivated Gestures

WEIDI ZHANG | Ray, Cangjie's Poetry (collab w/ Donghao Ren)

JUNGAH SON | REACT: Research on Emotion and Art through Creativity Tool, Lebrun (collab w/ Weidi Zhang)

SIHWA PARK | YouTube Mirror: Interactive Audiovisual Installation based on Cross-modal Generative Modeling

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Media Arts and Technology (MAT) at UCSB is a transdisciplinary graduate program that fuses emergent media, computer science, engineering, electronic music and digital art research, practice, production, and theory. Created by faculty in both the College of Engineering and the College of Letters and Science, MAT offers an unparalleled opportunity for working at the frontiers of art, science, and technology, where new art forms are born and new expressive media are invented.